Favorite Things (I’ll miss)

Two things are happening that are making me feel like our time in Amsterdam is counting down. First, at the beginning of October we passed our one-year anniversary here. Since we’re only on a two-year tour, we’re now over halfway done and I’ve already started seeing things and thinking “Oh! That’s the last time we’ll do/see/taste/hear that.” Second, at the beginning of November, we’re supposed to hear where we’ll be sent for our next post. I know from the past that, as soon as I know where we’re going next, I start mentally “checking out” of where we are now. Last time, when we were at our last post and we found out we were going to Amsterdam, “checking out” helped me; it gave me a light at end of the tunnel. But, this time, given how much I LOVE living in Amsterdam, it’s quite different.

On one hand, I feel like the transient life we lead prompts me to appreciate and take advantage of the opportunities that are around us. (By the end of December, for example, we’ll have visited 20 countries in one year.) On the other hand, I can also find myself falling into the “grass is greener” outlook—always looking to the next post for better x, y or z and not working on, accepting or appreciating what we have at the current post.

So, to deal with all these conflicting emotions, I thought I’d start writing down some of my favorite things about living in Amsterdam—little and big.

I’ll start with something little… I love that in so many Dutch stores/places of service they have cappuccino machines and offer you one while you shop/wait.  Hair salons. Clothing stores. Auto repair shops (seriously!).  Everywhere, it seems. I love me my free cappuccinos!


~ by Chela on October 29, 2012.

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