This Month in Kahlilah: 13 Months Old

With all her advances, we have been having a really good time with Kahlilah this last month.  Since her 1-year birthday, she’s had a lot of firsts:

  • She went from taking a few steps on her own (the day after her birthday) to this week walking across an entire room by herself
  • She sleeps on her own “bed” (a thin mattress on the floor of our bedroom) and is starting to adjust to having her papa put her to bed instead of her mama
  • She is big enough to take a bath in the regular tub and enjoys playing with her bath toys
  • She points to things (we think so that we’ll tell her their names)
  • She nods “yes” and “no”
  • She mimics many of our actions, from putting her feet in our shoes to trying to use her comb to brush our hair to putting a phone up to her ear

She also took part in her first Easter egg hunt (such cute photos!) and visited another new country:  the Netherlands Antilles, specifically the island of Curacao.

On a more serious (but happy!) note, we were relieved this month to find out that Kahlilah is no longer anemic.  (When we went to the US in November, we had her tested and found that she did have some anemia related to low iron.  Since then, we’d been giving her iron drops morning and night.)  Also related to her health, we’ve been happy to find that Kahlilah is still showing no apparent food allergies.  In fact, her favorite breakfast of late has been banana with peanut butter and a glass of almond milk.  She’s still not the best eater (sometimes it’s a real fight to get sold food into her), but we’re discovering favorite foods and little tricks as we go.

With all these advances, we also felt confident enough to start leaving Kahlilah for the day with Luz.  (Luz has been our househelper for the past year but has such a great relationship with Kahlilah that we asked her to start watching Kahlilah a couple days a week.)  Having Luz watch Kahlilah has been such a huge change for me–I’ve really enjoyed getting some “me” time, whether it’s to treat myself to a facial or simply to go grocery shopping without having to worry about lugging Kahlilah along on what can sometimes turn into a several-hour affair here in Venezuela.

Everything hasn’t all been roses and butterflies though…Kahlilah is definitely starting to express her discontent when we do something she doesn’t like.  And, with her new-found freedom through walking, she’s getting into things she shouldn’t much more often and much more quickly.  So, it’s definitely been a period of adjustment for us as parents too.  But, we’re reading our parenting books and talking with other parents and our own parents…and slowly but surely gaining more knowledge, experience and confidence as parents of this dear toddler.


~ by Chela on April 20, 2010.

One Response to “This Month in Kahlilah: 13 Months Old”

  1. Congratulate yourselves on her successful and early start to sleeping on her own. We have still not achieved this!

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