Feature Foreign Fruit: Mamón

MamonWhen I went to the market last weekend I was on the lookout for a new feature foreign fruit.  I spotted the mamón, which looked to me like a small, oval-shaped lime.  (On a side note, I learned from UrbanDictionary.com that mamón in Mexico is slang for “insolent little douchebag.”) The mamón was instantly interesting to me because it was sold in bunches still on the branch.  Noting my interest, the fruit seller offered me one to try.  While it looked like a lime, the skin was much thinner than a lime’s skin, so I was able to pop it open easily with my fingers.  (The usual way to eat a mamón is to pop it open with your teeth but I decided that wasn’t the wisest way to do it, given my inability to wash the fruit first.) Inside, the fruit’s flesh was light pink and gelatinous in texture.  I popped it into my mouth in order to suck the flesh off the seed. …  At that point, I spit it out in my hand because I absolutely hated it!  While Wikipedia describes the flesh as tart, tangy and creamy, I instantly found it repulsive.  In fact, my mouth felt like it was having an allergic reaction to it – you know that retched itchy feeling you get at the back of your throat sometimes?  Anyway, as you might guess, I didn’t end up buying any mamón to take home.  As a result, I have no pictures of my own of the mamón but I was able to find one on the internet for your viewing pleasure.


~ by Chela on September 9, 2009.

4 Responses to “Feature Foreign Fruit: Mamón”

  1. I’m sorry to hear you didn’t like this fruit. It is native to the Caribbean and one of my favorites to eat when I’m in Haiti. I’m wondering if you didn’t like it because it’s not really in season right now. Or, as you described, you may indeed be allergic. In any case, once you get passed the sometimes gooey texture of the flesh, it can be very good.

    • I think it must have been that I was allergic because the texture didn’t bother me. Too bad, since there are very few fruits that I don’t enjoy!

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  3. Try it again. Give it a second chance. The Mamon is exquisite.

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