Feature Foreign Fruit: South American Sapote

South American Sapote

The South American Sapote is certainly an interesting-looking fruit, both inside and out, but not my favorite to eat.  It is the size of an orange, as you can see in the photo, with olive to brown-colored skin that is leathery in feel.  On the inside, the flesh is a bright orange color and is fibrous in texture.  So fibrous, in fact, that it gets caught in your teeth (the first reason why it’s not my favorite fruit to eat).  There are about four or five big black seeds inside that the slippery flesh clings to, making it difficult to eat (second reason).  Finally, it is just slightly sweet and the flavor is a weird mix between pumpkin and mango (third reason).  Still, I’m glad I tried it!South American Sapote - Inside


~ by Chela on August 28, 2009.

3 Responses to “Feature Foreign Fruit: South American Sapote”

  1. I wonder if it can be used for baking if it has a similar feel to pumpkin? Intriguing. I love your food posts 🙂

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